Saturday, 17 November 2012

Writing Prompt: Do Advertisements Influence Who You Vote For?

This Makes Me Giggle by foundimagination
I know this prompt was probably intended for US bloggers last month (psst, in case you missed it, they had an election, it was kind of a big deal) but in this little part of my country, we are having an odd sort of election too.

In a nutshell, our federal representative for this area stepped down so we have to pick a new person to represent us instead.

So I'm hijacking this question because it relates to me right now, and the answer is no.

So totally no.

In fact, if anything, the more a candidate pushes, the less I would consider voting for them.

This is most likely because I generally am already pretty certain of how I'm going to vote, or who I'm going to vote for, and I find pushy signage and phone calls and mailouts annoying.

I don't have cable, so I don't see any television ads, but I'm sure they would annoy me too.

So, no.  Advertisements do not influence who I vote for and the bigger the sign you put up, the less I want to vote for you.

The only thing that maybe influences me at all?  Is when I see candidates out in the freezing cold morning, holding a sign with some of their supporters and waving at the cars at a major intersection.  For some reason that makes me go "awwwww" and as long as they're not part of a party/group I strongly disagree with, I always wave back at them.

Might not vote for them, but I figure their waving deserves a wave back.

But I'm guessing the advertisements must work or they wouldn't keep using them, yeah?


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