Wednesday, 9 January 2013

Ok, Nevermind

It's like this blog is magic or something...

After yesterday's post, I had to chuckle when Vince texted me last night to come over.

I was a little nervous, and wasn't sure how to bring up the topic, but did, eventually manage, and it cleared the air for me a great deal.

No, he's not snooping around for anything.  We already covered that, and I didn't think he was, just other people had put that thought into my head.

Yes, in an ideal situation he would be comfortable telling his wife who he was hanging out with and when, but apparently that doesn't really happen and so he hangs out with friends, male and female, for coffee or whatnot without checking in with her. 

And I suppose that's their business.

He says he guesses that his wife would be mad if she found out we're hanging out but for him he's not doing anything wrong, and if he were doing anything wrong, he wouldn't do it.  If that makes sense.  (It made sense when he said it, I'm just misremembering it.)  (Heh, I originally typed that as "misremembering it wrong" but then figured that was a double negative that would mean I was remembering it perfectly!)

So, no, Vince is not coming over in the evenings looking to start the affair we both said we weren't going to have. 

Like I said to him, it's like hanging out with an old friend.  And for me, it is just that.  An old friend that I don't even change out of pjs to see, or even put on makeup or nothing.  He's already seen me naked, so it's not like I have to impress him.

After that slightly awkward part of the conversation was over, I talked to him a bit about Jay and then he had to go.

Which was fine, and leaves me wondering if I will hear from him again or if he now feels there's no need to come by.

If I'm right, and it's just been friendly and platonic, I'll hear from him some point next week.

If my friend was right, and he's been fishing for something "extra", I won't hear from him for a while.

Guess we'll have to see.

But I'm expecting a "hey, are you busy, can I stop by?" text by the middle of next week.  I don't think he's got a cheating bone in his body.

(Please do not insert bad joke here, thank you.)


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