Saturday, 9 February 2013


Holding it Together by foundimagination
Of course things didn't get any easier at work this week, and it's hard to know if the rage I feel is from there, or from what's not going on with Jay and I or if they're just ganging up on me and making each other feel worse.

I'm doing all the right things.  Trying to sleep well, although one late night checking to see if Jay was online didn't help with that, exercising, and eating well.  But even going to the gym has only helped so much.

Either I've left sill angry, or I've gotten home, and had to deal with the work thing all over again and it's come all the way back.

I've done mindfulness too, and I guess all these things just take the edge off, but I would like to say not nice things to some people, and hey, do we all remember that I don't talk about work?  Yeah.  Right.  Ok.

I even had a drink the other night, the only thing that took the edge off my anger.  And then I just woke up feeling low the next morning, so hey, thanks for that Alcohol is a Depressant!


I need a break from myself I think.  Damnit.


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