Saturday, 16 March 2013


Brightening The Day by foundimagination
One of the things that just sort of slipped back into my mind was what S said when I first told her I was getting to know Jay.

She'd asked what was new, and I told her about Jay and that I was really enjoying getting to know him and that I felt that we had a lot of potential.

She was really happy for me, and then she did a sort of virtual happy dance (we were chatting on line at the time) and said you know, if things work out with Jay and you, you totally owe me!

Which, I guess I had forgotten!

You see, it was S who signed me up for the online dating site, whenever ago, while I sat next to her with a glass of wine, shaking my head and cringing.

Even if Jay and I don't click in person (oh please, let us click in person!) or if we do click but things don't work out long term (oh please let them work out long term!) I've still enjoyed these past few months getting to know him and feel giddy and happy and all those good feelings that come when you start a new relationship.

Jay and I will be re-starting a new relationship in a lot of ways, maybe in all ways.  But that doesn't mean that what we had over this time at this distance wasn't its own thing and didn't have meaning, because it did, and I know the two of us will always have that and treasure that no matter what happens.

So, yes, S gets the credit for Jay and I even knowing each other exist, because without her, I would most likely never have opened a profile on that site.  And I probably wouldn't have gotten through a lot of the last few months quite as sane as I have with her advice and thoughts.

You never know what's going to lead you in a different direction, so sometimes you just have to trust your friends and give them thanks and credit where it's due!

Here's hoping I owe S big time.


Happydog said...

Hey...I think you owe her at least a cup of coffee for the joy you're having right now! :)

Victoria said...

Fair point HD! :D