Tuesday, 19 March 2013

Go Figure

Gone But Not Forgotten (Kind Of) by foundimagination
So guess what I learned today?

You can blow dry your hair backwards.

Or, at least, I can.

See, I'm trying to grow out my hair.  Well, not grow it out so much as grow it longer.

My hair's been pretty much the same length for what feels like forever, and I want to try it longer, see if I like it.  But it's taking SOOOOOOOOO long to grow.

But I've been told that's just my not seeing it, or something.

(But seriously, why does weight go on so fast and take forever to come off and hair grow so slowly?  Sigh.)

So anyway, I'm growing my hair longer and had to grow out my bangs (fringe, whatever) and I went in yesterday for a trim.

I told her it was really annoying me and I wasn't liking it and pointed out the stupid cow lick like thing it was doing.

She made a couple of adjustments on the cut and when she went to blow it try I said, well, I have to watch what you're doing to learn the tricks.

Now, I'm not really a girly girl and so I wash my hair at night before bed and blow it dry otherwise it's so thick it won't dry on its own.  And because I just want it done, I tend to just flip my head over and blow it dry that way for a while and then just wave the blow drier around until everything seems dry.

And I end up with weird cow licks and I just kind of go... meh.  I don't like my hair.

Turns out my hair is "very responsive" and will "do whatever [I] tell it to" and so by blowdrying from the bottom up, I've been telling it to look stupid, instead of holding the blowdrier over my head and drying from the top, as my hairdresser gets to do.

Apparently I've been blowdrying my hair backwards.  Or upside down.

Certainly in the wrong direction.

Guess I'll have to be a little bit less lazy until summer's here and my hair has a shot of drying on its own.

The things they don't tell you when you're in school, eh?

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