Wednesday, 20 March 2013

Never A Fan

I have never been a fan of change, which is unfortunate, seeing as it's the only thing that constantly, constantly happens, no matter what you want.

So I was thinking ahead to when Jay and I meet (and hopefully get along like a house on fire... or at least a house that is incredibly warm and prone to possibly small fires starting in the next while) and he's back in town, we won't, as far as I can forsee, probably have chats anymore.

Like, email chats and whatnot.  And I'll miss that.

It's weird to think that maybe once he's back we won't email each other all the time or sit down and have a chat.  And I guess that'll be replaced with phone calls and time actually together, but still.  It's been nearly four months.  I'll miss that.  It's become part of my day, part of my routine.  Wake up and see if he's emailed, or if he's online for a chat.... that might not happen once he's here.

I suppose it might, I know I'm jumping ahead into a future that doesn't exist yet, but still.  Change is coming, one way or the other, and it always makes me miss what I had, or have right now.



Stephanie Hunter said...

Exciting! Very soon. =)
But, I would say remind yourself to enjoy what you have now. Don't miss what is not lost yet. And who knows.... whatever comes next may be so great that you won't have time to miss this.

Victoria said...

So true Stephanie! :)