Wednesday, 6 March 2013


Ok, so you guys always figure everything out.... so here's another one for you!

I have a spot in my apartment where I sit most of the time.  It's a couch, (why do I now feel like saying "duh"?) and it's by my windows and my head is at the end where the open window is.

Even when Vince visits, he doesn't sit on this couch (and yes, I have a reason for pointing this out) as it's really more of a lounger and there's no back to it, just the one... end.

So every once in a while (probably only in the evenings, when I think about it...) I'll be sitting there and I'll get a huge whiff of cologne.

Now, I don't even wear perfume, and my shampoo isn't manly smelling, so I have no idea where this scent comes from.

The clothes I wear on this couch are my loungy pyjama type clothes so it's not like I've worn them to work and hugged someone wearing cologne.

I suppose I could have hugged Vince while wearing the hoodie, but he hasn't been by in weeks and the scent isn't consistent.

So, oh you clever peoples, where is this smell coming from and why and how?

Fix it!  Help me!  I feel crazy not knowing.  (Well, crazier than usual I guess?)


Anonymous said...

Whoa, wait. You hug people at work? :-)

Dominic said...

Must be from the stalker who hides behind the couch :)

Laura said...

Did you buy the couch new or used?

Victoria said...

Well, just that once Anon! ;)

I asked him to stop wearing cologne Dominic!

New, and I've had it since I moved in here, Laura :)

Matt79 said...

Could it be coming through a ventilation shaft or some gap/crack somewhere, from a neighbour getting ready to go out?

Victoria said...

Hmmm... that's not a bad thought, yeah maybe!