Friday, 19 April 2013


Flying by foundimagination
I don't know if this next generation has any idea how amazing technology is.

My mind keeps getting blown with how cool things are. 

Sitting in a room with good friends and hooking up an iPhone to a wireless network to Skype video call with a friend in another part of the world and we all get to say hi. 

Jay, sending me a picture from the small airplane he's flying in, which... a) his phone is taking a really good quality picture! and b) he is flying through the air and his frigging phone can still talk to my frigging phone what is the deal with that?

These things still amaze me. I am still awe struck, and I feel lucky to feel that way.

I remember the first computer we ever had.  I remember when we got a colour tv.  I remember listening to the radio for my favourite song to come on so I could tape record it and being so frustrated when the DJ would talk over it.  I remember buying my first CD.  I remember discmans and how they'd skip so easily.

This upcoming generation (whenever a generation starts... I don't know) will have had smartphones all their lives.  This stuff may just be... normal.

When in my mind it's incredible, and amazing, and phenomenally awesome.



Anonymous said...

I must be much older than you because the biggest thing I remember getting was a vcr. How awesome that you could record a show and not have to rush home to be there to watch it live. Now with a pvr I can record 2 shows-now that is crazy nice. My son does not appreciate any of this because he just downloads shows he wants to watch whenever. I am old school I guess.

Happydog said...

I know! Also being much older I remember buying 45 records and playing them on my "portable" record player--which weighed more then my current laptop and was the size of a small suitcase!
I'm excited to see what developes from this generation of kids.

Tara said...

Technology is already making me feel super old. I get frustrated with things I don't understand, and I feel like I can't keep up with all of the new stuff... it's crazy how much it all makes me feel like how my parents must feel, haha.

Victoria said...

Brandi, we didn't have a VCR for the longest time! Remember when they came out with the tvs that had the VCR attached! WOAH! ;)

I had a Mickey Mouse "suitcase" record player that I loved HD!

Fair enough Tara :D