Saturday, 20 April 2013


Sometimes I wish I could read a book again from scratch, never having read it before.

Right now I'm wishing I hadn't read Feed.

Not sure why that trilogy is stuck in my head in particular, but I wish I didn't know what happens.

There are others, certainly, but that's the one that's stuck in my mind today.

What are some books you wish you could read all over again?  Like for the first time all over again?


Bea said...

I loved Feed! Also The Fault in Our Stars, but it breaks my heart every time and can't be good for my health ;0)

Maybe The Book Thief? I've read it again and again but I wish I could feel that initial POW one more time. Same goes for Never Let Me Go.

I am such a book nerd, I could list favourites all day!

Victoria said...

Feed rocked!

I don't know Fault in Our Stars, should I?

Book Thief you loved that much eh? And yes, Never Let Me Go was good too.

Book nerds for the win! :D

Jonathan said...

When I was about 18 years old I read Jurassic Park just after it was published - purely by chance after spotting it in the local library.

It remains one of the two books I have read through the night (the other being "Ready Player One").

I can still remember sitting up all night with it, reading chapter after chapter, gripped by the story.

Of course the book was much, much better than the movie - as they almost always are.

Victoria said...

I liked Jurassic Park :) Read Ready Player One after your recommendation and then gave it to my brother ;)