Tuesday, 16 April 2013


Things I do mindlessly that I really should do more mindfully:

Shop when I'm feeling not so great about things.

Buy something for someone because I think they might like it.  (This one doesn't seem so bad but I'm not exactly rolling in money, and it's not like we all need more things.)


Eat sweet things, specifically.

And salty ones.  Namely pretzels (but only two brands, the others are icky), and popcorn (which wouldn't be bad because I air pop it, but then I slather it in salt and butter because zomg so good.)

Bash myself.  Especially in front of other people / my friends.  I hate it when they do it, because I think they're so wrong.  So why should I do it?

Worrying.  About.  Everything.  (But especially things I can't control.)  (Which is almost everything.)

Snacking.  (Really, this is what I should have said instead of "eat", but now that I've typed the other ones out I feel bad erasing them, so I'm just going to leave them.)

Reacting.  (Over-)

Buying books.  (I did curb this for a while, but now have somehow managed to amass another overflowing collection of books.  Sigh.)

Spending (too much) time on the internet.  On my couch, in front of the internet.  Being on my computer in general. 


Stephanie Hunter said...

I read this and did a head nod and a verbal grunt in aggreement on each one.
Nuts! I do the same things! SERIOUSLY! (Except no on the pretzels... unless the pretzels have hershey kisses melted on top, and then an m&m on top of that. Have you had those before?? I need to go to the store to get some now!.....)

Victoria said...

Hmmmm.... I have not!