Wednesday, 17 April 2013


YYJ by foundimagination
Jay got home yesterday.

(Insert sigh of relief and entire body relaxing here)

I went and picked him up at the airport (he suggested we meet in a field somewhere so we could run towards each other in slow motion, but I couldn't think of one with long enough grasses) which was a different kind of experience, but not as awkward as it undoubtedly would have been if I'd met him at the airport for the first time.

I think it felt...weird because we'd been away from each other for two weeks after only having been around each other for a week, so it was a rather vivid reminder that we are, still, new in each other's lives, and don't know each other terribly well in a lot of ways.

We had some good laughs as the airline damaged his luggage and they took it to repair it (I didn't know that was a thing?) and so he had to unpack his luggage and chuck it in a giant, plastic bag.

Which was made even awesomer by the fact that the plastic bag was see-through, so everyone could see his undies, and then I felt like I was picking up a homeless man from the airport and taking him home in my car.  Come on mister, just bring your sac and we'll feed you and find you a bed!

I also had bought new glasses and wasn't sure he'd like them.  Not that I wear my glasses that often, but I didn't want to miss him coming out of the gate so I was wearing them.

Finally, on a lighter note, I almost didn't make it into the parking lot alive when I got there to pick him up.

It was a dollar to park, so I put in a twoonie (a two dollar coin) and when it gave me the change, the loonie (dollar coin) came SHOOTING out of the machine and like, seriously, shot under my car.  I... wasn't sure what to do.  I opened my car door and glanced down, and then half slunk out of the door (which couldn't open fully because of course it was close to the machine) and sort of tried to look under my car but couldn't see it, so then I had to slink back in to my car and pull out the ticket, but then the paper didn't rip and just kept pulling and pulling and pulling and I eventually had to rip it myself but it was already a ridiculous length and so then I parked just up ahead and tried to look for the loonie but when I parked, I noticed an attendant giving me a funny look so I just gave up and donated the loonie to whoever manages to find it next.

Things felt less "well, hey there person I don't actually know too too well who's also been away for two weeks with hardly any communication" once we got home and could cuddle and catch up, and it was great to have him back in my space and my bed last night.

I'm so so so happy he's back.  I'm not sure absence makes the heart grow fonder, but being back with each other sure does.

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