Tuesday, 2 April 2013

Uh Oh.

I think I sat there for a few minutes just asking myself if I was really going to do this?

Was I seriously contemplating throwing some stuff in a bag, getting in my car and driving to the ferries to go meet this guy?

Apparently I was.

"Can you give me an address?"

"Why, are you coming over?"

"I... think I am."


"Shhh... I don't want to talk about it... I'll... I just.... I'll message you from the ferry"  (thank goodness for smartphones, eh?)

I think I just didn't let myself think.  Or, at least, I had so little time to get ready and leave, I had to put as much mental power as I had into that process.

Bag.  Clothes.  Change of clothes, wait, pyjamas!  Should I bring a book in case he was jetlagged and wanted a nap the next day?  Wait... did that mean I was staying over?


I mean, no time to think, gotta pack.  Bag packed.

I mean, I could always sleep on the couch.  He's already shown himself to be a good guy and enough of a gentleman that I'm sure if things were uncomfortable, we'd just sleep in separate rooms and say our polite and awkward goodbyes in the morning.

Shoot, I was pushing it for time to get to the ferries, time to text a few friends to let them know, send the address I was going to, that kind of thing, and head out.

They were all super excited for me.

I wasn't.

I was freaking out.

But determined to push through.

I wasn't going to let worry/anxiety/fear stop me this time.  I was going to do it anyway.

I wasn't going to sit there, overthinking the whole damn thing and weighing out the "what ifs" and all the rest, I was just going to go.

And then I was on the road.


Anonymous said...

that was really brave!!!!

and????? what happend then??

Anonymous said...

the readers that you have are somewhat interested and amused in your story, but when you keep them guessing and playing your game of "what happened then?" just to make sure they come back and read tomorrow, it is just self-serving and makes them lose interest and not care.

Dateafrenchman said...

What happened????!!!! x

Matt79 said...

Anonymous: I'm a reader and I can speak for myself thanks! I'm still interested and I do care. Victoria: good for you for giving it a go! I'll be interested to read what happens next, even if I have to wait a bit for my next installment of free and selflessly-provided storytelling!

RandomStranger said...

This feels like a movie :D You did, after all, step out of your comfort zone!

And Anonymous, I would come back to this blog even if she weren't narrating a story in parts - I have been since 2009.

Victoria said...

Thanks anon, I felt totally brave!

I'm sorry it feels that way to you Anonymous, that's certainly not how I feel about my blog.

Datea, and then the aliens came and transported me!!!! ;) kidding... :)

Hey, thanks Matt, really :D

Oh man, did I ever step outside of my comfort zone RandomStranger, holy smokes! And, thanks :)

Victoria said...

PS Sorry if this does annoy some of you, it's just kind of how my brain works... in... chunks! ;)

Bea said...

This is so exciting!! So glad you're on (or were on..) the road, can't wait to hear what happened.

Victoria said...

Thanks Bea!

Anonymous said...

Hearing your story in installments is killing me...in a good way haha! I keep checking everyday, waiting to see what happens and hoping for a happy ending.

Good on you for jumping in the car and going to see Jay! How exciting.

I also have been reading this for a number of years and will keep coming back for more.


Victoria said...

Thanks Michelle :)