Friday, 3 May 2013


Jay and I have had some really great adventures since he's been here.

Well, "adventures" is what I like to call them.  "Dates" is probably what they are in real life.

One of our first dates was out to the Sooke Potholes.  Somewhere neither of us had ever been before, me, despite having lived here since, oh, you know, forever ago.

Now, I like to walk or hike or camp or whatever, but I still have my fears and am usually a trail go-er.  Jay?  Jay is an off trail kind of guy and while I was happy to let him go have his oh my god are you not going to die at the top of that cliff? adventures, he was completely a gentleman and when he turned around and found me clinging to a rock at the top of an outcropping we had climbed to, he patiently waited for me to slide my way back down to level ground.

We had an amazing afternoon.  It was sunny and crisp out and we walked to the waterfall he remembered seeing on the drive in.

From there, he leaped on ahead while I made my way slowly up, and when he saw the railway trestle up in the forest, I felt comfortable enough that my slow cautious pace wasn't annoying him and we bushwacked our way up to it.

Once we got there, I realized it was the Galloping Goose regional trail and when he asked me if I was ready, I knew we were going to gallop like geese, and I was all for it!

Between the laughing, and me not remembering what noise geese make ("quack?  No.. that's not it... what is it? HELP!") we didn't make it far along the trail before we had to stop galloping and flapping our arms to collect our breath.

The sun was amazing up there and shining right on us so we sat down in the middle of the trestle and just talked about whatever.

After a while we got so comfortable, we lay down next to each other, holding hands, just happy.

We got hungry after a while and made our way back down to the road and then to the car, and we were starving by the time we got home a few hours later.

It was a really great first sort of a date.  

There had been holding hands.  Laughing.  Me, being pushed outside of my comfort zone just enough to feel challenged but still safe and supported.  There was fresh air and sunshine and nature and good conversation about nothing and everything.  And happiness.  Lots and lots of happiness.

I could go on adventures with Jay all day every day, and be utterly content.


Tara said...

I love going on adventures with Robyn... I always seems to get us into some kind of trouble, but we have fun, nevertheless :)

Victoria said...

Well that's what matters! :)