Friday, 31 May 2013


Pause by foundimagination
Oh dear.

Do you remember last week when I wrote the supremely happily elated post about getting a bike?

Yeah, well... I wrote that post the afternoon after the new purchase and bike ride.

I did not write that post the evening of.

Because had I fired up my computer that evening and typed out how I was feeling, it would have been something along the lines of "MAKE IT STOP!!!!!!!!!" and then some.

See, I didn't think much about it, and so when we got home we ate dinner and showered and did whatever else and got ready for the next day and went to bed.  My legs felt a little sore, so I threw on my leg warmers like I'd usually do when they're a bit sore after a work out and went to sleep.

Until about 1am, when I was woken up by a massive amount of discomfort in my thighs.

Not quite pain, like not sharp enough to be pain, but holy *(*&^*% was it ever awful.

Lactic acid buildup I figured, getting out of bed to eat a banana, take an advil, throw on some heat...  No... both?  OMG WHY ISN'T IT GETTING BETTER??????

Not lactic acid said the internet.  Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness maybe?  An incredibly sore thing you can do nothing about?  Crap.

You guys, there was no sleep to be had.  There was no position that wasn't incredibly uncomfortable.  Not moving hurt.  Moving hurt.  Ice didn't help.  Heat didn't help.  Pain killers didn't help.  Bananas, milk, rubbing them didn't help, nothing.  Nothing helped.

I wanted to wake Jay up, just to have him share in my misery, but that seemed cruel.  So I lay there, all damn night long, on the couch, just wishing my legs would hurt a little bit less.  Just enough that I could maybe grab a second of sleep.

So I guess the thing is, is if you get a bike after not having one for a decade or so, you should take it easy the first time or so out.  You know, ease into it.

Because that is the worst my legs have ever ever felt ever ever and let's not even talk about how sore it was to sit down on that saddle again a couple of days later.


No, seriously.


Unknown said...

I'm surprised your butt didn't hurt!! hope you get feeling better <3

RandomStranger said...

I LOVE that post-workout soreness - I actually enjoy it :P
I know, it's weird.

Victoria said...

Oh it did Sabrina, but I didn't notice it until I tried to get on the bike the next time, ouch!

Oh, this was so, so not enjoyable RandomStranger ;)