Tuesday, 21 May 2013

So Much Fun!

You guys, I bought a bike!

(A used bike, but still, a bike!)

See, I always had a bike growing up and loved BMXing (or what I thought was BMXing) and biking to and from elementary school or around the neighbourhood, or later, to Univerisity.

But once I moved into this apartment, I didn't have a place to store a bike so I kept it at my parents', and eventually they got tired of storing it and gave it away.

Insert sad face here, because that was the bike I got in grade ten for "good grades".  (I put it in quotations because I don't know if that's why I actually got the bike or if they just wanted to reward me for doing well and I needed a new bike anyway, or what.)

I was bummed that they got rid of it, but was working and driving to work so didn't really have a need for it.

Fast forward a whole bunch of years and I've been told having a bike for Burning Man is essential.

I thought about just getting a nice new one, but I've also heard that it'll get trashed with the alkaline environment there and so there wasn't much point.  Plus, bikes are, like, super expensive now!  So I looked around on some of the used sites, and then asked my friend who works part time at a bike store.

He said they had a used one for pretty cheap (a hundred bucks) that was in really really good shape (it'd been his for a while and he'd taken perfect care of it) so I picked it up.

Plus, Jay has a bike and has been enjoying meandering around in the lovely Spring weather and I've felt rather jealous of his texts.  "Just hopping on my bike and heading to the beach!"

So I picked up the bike on the way home from work yesterday and we went for a bike ride around the neighbourhood.

Within a minute, I remembered just how much fun it is to ride a bike.  It's so..... WHEEEEEEEEEE!

I mean, it's kind of like flying, I think.

You can just pedal a few and then coast along and it's... awesome!

Sure, it's also a little bit achey, and I also remembered pretty quickly how your...rear end kind of gets sore from the seat and my shoulders felt rather ouchy from being all leaned over, but all in all I loved being back on a bike and am really glad I got this one!

Plus, I got a super cute helmet so that doesn't hurt either.

Ta da!


Elana Elizabeth said...

Oh your bike will get trashed at burning man, and sadly possibly stolen also :( make sure to decorate it, that part is practically mandatory :)

Victoria said...


Dominic said...

I just (re)gained my motorbike license. Which is similarly fun to ride on nice days, but without the bother of pedalling :)

Jonathan said...

Just sat and grinned all the way through this post :)

Victoria said...

Even better Dominic! ;)

Glad to hear it Jonathan :)