Monday, 20 May 2013


Feels Like Summer by foundimagination
A very happy Victoria Day long weekend to those of you who are lucky enough to be getting it.

I am just going on record to say that I am madly, madly in love with the long days and evenings.  Madly.

These two statements are not related, but I guess they are, by default, falling at the same time of year.

Also, out and about yesterday, Jay and I saw a bald eagle just hanging out in a tree near the water.  The reason we noticed it is that there was a crow in the tree trying to caw the eagle out.  Or something.

It was actually quite comical.  The eagle just sat there, completely ignoring all the jumping and dive bombing and cawing.  You could almost see him rolling his eyes!

Nature rules.  Go enjoy some today if you can.



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