Friday, 7 June 2013

The Best Things

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In the spirit of a What Went Well type of thing here is an incomplete list of the Best Things about Jay living with me over the last two and a bit months.
- the laughing (when we laugh at things, some of them best not shared online, it's genuine laughter, not the kind of laughing you sometimes feel you have to do at work when your boss makes an awkward joke at a staff meeting.... not that that happens because I don't blog about work, remember?  I don't remember the last time I was with someone where we would share such fun, silly times and where so much of what we did together would be so funny, or where we would laugh so much together.)

- the happy (see above, partially, but also moments of just being happy)

- the closeness (cuddling, snuggling, holding hands, being wrapped up together in bed or on the couch)

-the household chores sharer (Once Jay had started feeling settled here, I noticed that things started to get tidied without me having done it.  The dishwasher got emptied, and then one day the laundry got done.  The other week, I was cleaning and he asked how he could help.  My answer was at first "I don't know what I can trust you with" but then I realized, why turn down a genuine offer to help so I asked him if he could dust and he did, and it was awesome, the two of us puttering around the apartment.  I've lived alone here for so long, it's a delight to have someone else do anything, it really is.  One time, the toilet paper was low and I went back later and it was already changed with a new roll!  This guy is amazing.  And a really good live-in boyfriend.)

-the someone to do things with (This may be one of my most favourite changes since Jay moved in.  Instead of coming home from work, exercising, making dinner, getting ready for the next day, and then flopping down on my couch with my computer, we have a few hours of adventure in there.  Maybe a walk downtown, or a bike ride to the inner harbour, but always something exercise outside-ish and then the dinner and getting ready, and then maybe a show, or just hanging out, or some computer time and then bed.  It's also having that someone to go to an event with, or just someone to hold hands with while going to get groceries.  Having Jay here has made the mundane fun, and much more enjoyable.  And gives me someone to have conversation with.  And enjoy the experiences with.  And discover things with that I might not notice on my own.  And to pull me out of my usual routes and paths to find new places, routines, scenes and things.  Awesome.)

-the tv watching while hugging partner (I've hardly watched tv shows since Jay's been here since we find other adventures to have together, but every few nights we'll watch a show.  SoA, Walking Dead, Game of Thrones... and it's much nicer to have someone to snuggle with while watching, let me tell you)

-the someone to come home to (I LOVE coming in the front door and Jay coming to greet me and us figuring out what we're going to do with our evening.  I love, love, LOVE it.  So very much.)

-the someone to share sleeping with (Something I haven't been able to do with boyfriends for a long, long time.  I've never slept so well next to someone, it's amazing.)

-the er... [redacted]  (Blush. I don't wanna talk about it!)

-the adventure partner (I love all the things we've done together!  Little adventures around the neighbourhood, or bigger ones out of the neighbourhood, I love doing things and going places with him)

-the uplifter (The odd times I've said something negative about myself, Jay has stopped me.  "Hey, that's my girlfriend you're talking about."  And the way he looks at me, makes me feel attractive.  And the fact that he keeps telling me he loves me, makes me think that maybe he actually does.  He makes me feel better and happier and prettier.)

-the ability to have someone to shower love on  (Being able to show and share my love isn't something I really get to do in my life.  Being able to bring Jay a glass of water, or give him a kiss on the head as he's sitting at the table, or a squeeze on the shoulder as I walk past him as he works.  All those things make me feel full and happy and complete.  Being able to show and express and share my love with Jay has been wonderful.)

-the little things (Like when he starts the dishwasher when I'm at work because he knows I don't like the noise of it running.  Or when he tidies up the dishes after I make dinner, or the way he claps and smiles happily when I unlock the door after getting home from work.)

-the comfort (I feel really comfortable with and around him.)

-the fun (So much of it!)

-the ease (Of everything.  Everything between us is just easy.)

-the falling asleep and waking up (With him there next to me.  It's delicious.)

-the five minutes before work (When I've done everything I need to do for the morning but still have a few minutes before I need to leave, I go back into the bedroom and Jay opens the covers and I slide in next to him and he holds me for those five or six minutes until my watch beeps that I have to go.  And then I kiss him, wish him a good day, and smile at him, curled up in bed as I head off to work.)

-the we're really silly together (And all those things that I guess are inside jokes, but really that's only because I don't think anyone else would find it funny if I said "uh oh" or "triangle!" or "no" or a number of other things, but Jay would get it, and the two of us would start to laugh, or chuckle, or smile)

-the hugs (When I walk in the door from work.  When I'm looking a little blue.  When I'm brushing my teeth.  When I'm lying on the couch.  When it's time to turn out the lights.  When I need one.  When he wants to give me one.  Out of the blue.  When I bend over to take something out of the dishwasher.  [Ok, those aren't hugs, see inside jokes above, but still])

-the communication (since the beginning I was open with him, and he with me.  When I talk, he listens, and vise versa.  I'm not afraid to tell him anything, and even if what he tells me upsets me, I at least know he's being honest.  We've worked through some issues (fights?) that would have ended a relationship for me not that long ago.)

-the being there (I've really liked having his presence in my place.  Like, just having that other person there, hearing him move around or take a shower, or whatever it might be.)

I'm sure there's more.  Maybe I'll add to this post before it's posted, or after it's posted, I don't know.  I just know it's been awesome having Jay here, really really awesome.


RandomStranger said...

I don't think I've ever known anyone who loves being in love as much as you do.
It's wonderful.

Unknown said...

beautiful list <3

Victoria said...

Aww thanks RS!

Thank you Sabrina