Tuesday, 17 September 2013


I feel like I have to pause here for a second and take a breath.  In the week that I spent getting home and then getting over that illness, life went on, and in the week I just spent recounting the days travelling down to Burning Man, life went on.  As life does.

We had glorious weather here last week.  So warm and sunny in fact, that I got a sunburn.  Something I didn't get down in the thirty five degree weather down in Nevada.  Go figure.

And then this weekend there was a change in weather and Sunday was full of rain and dark clouds and thunderstorms.

Just little baby ones.  We don't seem to produce giant ones here.  Not like the ones I saw in Texas where I thought the world was coming to an end but everyone else just slept through it.

Going back to work last week was in some ways not as awful as I'd worried it might be, but it was still overwhelming and brain numbing in so many ways.

I hung out with C-Dawg a bit this weekend, and with Connor, the driver guy who took us to Burning Man and back.  Connor and I went down to MEC for a walk and I ended up seeing the guy I'd been sort of dating before I left. 

I knew when I was at Burning Man that I wouldn't continue to see that guy, and I'm not sure I can explain exactly why I felt that way, but I was strangely relieved when I went for a bike ride mid-week last week and randomly saw him out and about in the neighbourhood and saw that he was smoking.

I kind of felt relief that I had a legitimate reason to not date him, he's a smoker.  Much easier than just feeling like I didn't like him all that much because he felt awkward to me.

Interestingly enough he seemed awkward when Connor and I ran into him too.  Guess it's just how he comes across.  At least to me.

My Dad was unwell again this weekend and it turned out not to be his heart, but still, it's not fun dealing with age and parents and health.

I feel like I have a lot on my mind and I really want to talk about it, which means I want to get around to writing about it, but I also don't want to miss getting my Burning Man memories written down while they're still fresh in my mind.

It's been interesting to see people's interest, and to hear myself telling the story of the trip to different people.  Not everyone needs every detail.  Not even you guys.  Sorry about that, but, such is life.

I also finally got in to see the foot specialist guy, and it turns out I did break my toe last summer.  And so now there's a bone chip that's stuck to another bone that was also injured and they're not sure what to do with me but we're going to try to avoid surgery, and it's either the walking cast boot again, and/or some really clunky looking shoes to try to let the area heal and rest. 

I guess I should have gone to see someone sooner.  Maybe just powering through the pain for a year wasn't the best plan.  Maybe I should have seen my doctor as well as the physio at some point.

Funny, when I went back to see my physio this summer for some other body part he was very surprised to hear my toe was still hurting.  It was his suggestion that I go to my doctor and get a more thorough checking out.

Maybe I've been avoiding it because it feels stupid to go into your doctor and say "my big toe hurts and I can't use it... from a year ago."


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