Thursday, 10 October 2013

Effing Sleep!

I half wrote this post last night before I went to sleep, and I think my sleep punished me because I proceeded to have a horrible nightmare where I had to find out my brother had died in a car crash that was the fault of his friend Robert from So You Think You Can Dance (what?) and we didn't know that until Robert announced it at the funeral and I think that was when I told myself I had to wake up because the dream was so so upsetting.  Bad dream, bad!


I'm grumbling about sleep because I had a nap this weekend.  Just an hour's cat nap in the sun on a relaxing sunny Sunday.

And then I couldn't fall asleep Sunday night.  ARGH!

It probably wasn't, but it felt like three in the morning when I finally slept.

And then even Monday night it was still kind of... not great falling asleep and I feel like this is this unfair portion of aging... that the ability to sleep randomly has been taken away.

When I was a teenager, I used to be able to sleep forever!  I'd sleep in til 11 when I could, easily.  Some weekends, I'd sleep in til 1.  Seriously.  And still sleep that night.  No problemo.

Now, I have to keep to a pretty tight sleep schedule or else it all gets thrown off.  That means that even when I want to sleep in, I can't sleep much more than an hour later than I would on a work day.

Dramatic sigh.

I'm a sleep needer too.  I know people who can get by just fine on a couple of hours.  Or people who get up SUPER early and head to bed around the same time I do. 

People who have kids tell me that there is no more sleeping in anymore.  Well, I don't have kids and there still is no more sleeping in. 

I've lost my "sleep til ten or eleven" ability.  Now if I sleep til nine on a weekend I'm kind of hooped.  Throw a nap in there?  Done for half a week.

Effing sleep, why you gotta be so picky?

Now I'm going to go pout.  And then I'll probably apologize to sleep so it doesn't kill off another family member in a nasty awful horrible dream again tonight.


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