Tuesday, 22 October 2013

Last Week's Exercise

My summary of last week, for posterity, or... ok, really just for me, because I forget things and I want to be able to be encouraged by my progress instead of forgetting it and feeling like things are stuck at a status quo:

My foot/toe was my big issue last week.  I had a really hard time even walking on it early in the week and it was even swollen.  Don't know what's going on, but it was really sore.

So I did what I could to rest it.  Which is hard, because I still have to, you know, walk around!  Also didn't want to start limping because that will just make something else hurt.

But, I took care of it, stuck to stationary biking for a few days and minimal walking.

It started to feel better, and I had a couple of REALLY exhausting and stressful days and so I did that workout again.  Hurt my foot again the first time I did it, so the second time I just avoided the jumping and the bending of the toe.

I did not bad with food and sugar.  Had leftover pie from Thanksgiving that I was going to take in to work to share, but ended up eating it all myself.  That was not so great, even though I told myself it was a locally made pie, and had lots of fruit.  But other than that, I was pretty good with sugar.

I'm happy to notice that the 30 day shred video is starting to feel easier.  Or, I guess I should say, I'm starting to feel stronger at it.  I haven't been using the small weights they recommend, and I wonder if I should try it with them and see how that goes.

Been having some issues with my wrist the last while, so I did adjusted pushups with fists.

Been having hand problems lately, but wouldn't you know it, I didn't put two and two together until a random chat with my Mom.

Um... fist pushups?  Yeah, that's why my hand's hurting!  D'uh!

So it's strapping of the wrist and no more fists for me. 

A lot of last week was dealing with the foot/toe injury and trying to heal it and rest it.  Biking was great for that.  I also learned that doing that fairly intense video program after my two crazy work days made me feel a lot better.

It actually took away the exhaustion, which would seem not to make sense, but does.  Must be the stress leaving the body and swapping out the cortisols for the good hormones.

So I think, in general, I'd say I feel like I'm getting stronger and fitter, even though I haven't seen any measurable change in how I look.  Maybe next week I'll re-measure and re-weigh and see.  I just know that that may end up disappointing me more than anything.

I'm going to keep working on drinking more water (it's hard some days!) and watching my refined sugar intake.  And I'll keep pushing through those moments where I crave something and just want to EAT ALL THE THINGS!

Here's hoping I don't re-re-injure my poor foot and toe.


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