Saturday, 19 October 2013

See You Around

I was out for a walk the other weekend (before the poopy re-injuring of my foot) and I ran into the guy I had some dates with before Burning Man.

We chatted for a minute or two, hey how's things kind of chat and then we went our separate ways with a "well, take care" kind of thing.

I guess neither of us was particularly interested, or perhaps he did see me out with my friend and assume I was on a date.  Either way, other than randomly running into him, I haven't heard from him since he ran into me on my not a date.  I didn't have to have the awkward conversation, or tell him I don't date guys who smoke.

Cute guy at work the other day, he worked with us temporarily last year and was the strong silent (but hunky) type and then when he stopped in the other day we all giggled at his handsomeness and some of us got a little perky-eared when he mentioned that he hadn't, actually, gotten married this summer after all.

I was watching Parenthood the other day and an actor came on that totally reminds me of this cute guy, and I realized it was Pam's former fiance from The Office too.  Not normally my type, but cute is cute, eh?

Not that being newly single means he suddenly wants to date me or anything.  But it's nice to have something cute to look at and have silly girl talk about.


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