Friday, 1 November 2013

A Noticing

My Poor Boots by foundimagination
A week or so ago, when I went to the art supply store to buy, whatever it was I felt I needed at that time... a new notebook maybe?... Anyway, when I went there, I wandered around, which, in most hobby stores, is a dangerous thing to do.

Especially if you're feeling a little low or lonely.  And you're me.  Because sometimes I'm convinced that if I buy that something I might feel a little bit better.

And I can do in the moment. Until I go home and balance my checkbook.  Sigh.

But anyway, I bought, on a whim, some pastel crayons, something I've not used before.  I've used pastels a bit way in the past, but thought these were worth trying, and that I'd be able to add some colour to my drawings. 

I've used them a bit over the last week, always starting with just a pencil drawing, because somehow I feel that's important, but then doing another one, when it seems right, with the pastel pencils.

I've liked a few of the colourful drawings I've ended up with, and I think this weekend I did two or three pages worth of pastels in a row.

I also, this weekend, put away some of the things I've bought or made in anticipation of my next trip to Burning Man, be it this year or... another.  And because the giant Rubbermaid bin I'm keeping things in has things in it that went with me this year to Black Rock City, when I take the lid off it smells like Playa dust.

Not that I'd say that I noticed the smell of the Playa dust there, exactly, but once home, in this moisture-filled, fresh, sea level air, the dust has a distinctly different smell to it.

And here's where these two seemingly unrelated stories meet.

Sunday night, I went and grabbed my notebook (sketch book?) to attempt to draw some Arbutus tree bark.  (I quite like how it turned out, but that's a different story.) 

As I flipped open the book, and past the pages of pastel drawings I'd done earlier that same weekend, I noticed the smell.


Apparently Playa dust smells like pastel pencils.  Or pastel pencils smell like Playa dust.  Or both.

I'm sure there's a reason why.  I just thought it was kind of cool.  And I wonder if I'd noticed if I hadn't opened up that bin this weekend and noticed the similarities.



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