Monday, 11 November 2013


Blessed Are The by foundimagination
I'm not sure how it got to be this far into November so quickly, but here we are.

Although it seems the stores would like to hustle us on to the end of December already, today's a day of Remembrance and thanks.

It's not a holiday of celebration, but I'm not sure those who went to war would want us to be sombre.

So perhaps today I'll try to go out and breathe some fresh air and enjoy the beauty of where I live because I can.

And I'll remember that not everyone in the world is living in peace right now, and not everyone in the world is as lucky as I am.

And I'll take a moment to give thanks to those who've died in service of our country, and to those who still choose to serve.

I hope that one day we'll have a world more at peace, and more understanding and kind.


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