Sunday, 10 November 2013


Doesn't really seem fair to just stick a post in on my usual days off to say "hey, I posted, just in case I want to post every day for November"  but... hey... I posted.

But, here's a bit of extra randomness just to fill in the blank space and make me feel less guilty for the non-post post.

I keep smelling Playa around ever since I noticed that the pastel pencils smell like it.  Weird.

I used my "got it with VISA points" paraffin wax hand and foot bath.  It was fine.  I think it's better when they do it at a fancy spa.  (Go figure.)

No matter what good intentions I may have the night before, once it comes to morning and wake up time?  I'll take another couple of snooze-button hits any day.  It might be easier if I was waking up and it was sunny and bright out every day at 5am.  Or something.

I love sunny days.  Especially after dreary ones.

The foot doctor says my toe is getting better, slowly.  So that's got to be good, right?


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