Saturday, 7 December 2013

Don't Mention The War. I Mentioned It Once, But I Think I Got Away With It!

(Shhhh, we're not talking about it.  Talking about it still makes me angry and I'm trying to hard to get rid of the angry.)

I watched Elysium.

I really liked the bad guy a lot.


Did you get any snow this week?

I mention it because snow is so rare, despite what those of you who don't live here think.


kandijay said...

Can you elaborate on how you liked the bad guy? Like, you rooted for him, or you found him to be a worthy adversary?

Victoria said...

Hmmm... ok... good question...

Partly I think the actor just somehow pulled off being sexy? Maybe the accent and the rough and tumble ness?

And, yes, he was a worthy adversary. I didn't root for him, I wanted him gone and dead, but he just kept being so rotten and nasty! A good "bad guy"... if that makes sense?

kandijay said...

Yes, I totally get that! And now I understand what you meant. :)

Victoria said...