Thursday, 12 December 2013

No More "And Then"!

I had another meeting date a couple of days ago.  Seems like forever ago... it was that kind of day yesterday.


Yeah.  I've been talking to a few guys online, as I said, and had the one date (I feel like they're not really dates but don't know what else to call them other than "meetings" and that sounds like AA or something.) with the guy who turned lame by not being polite enough to say no.

Another guy seems cool but busy and so I figure we'll maybe get around to meeting sooner or later.  He's a couple of years older, not that I mind, but he doesn't look it.  And his picture makes me feel like I know him from somewhere.  C-Dawg said the same... that he looked familiar.

There's another guy who's seemed nice, but he got weird this weekend. (I'll tell you about that tomorrow.)

Lee is the other guy I've been chatting with, and he's been cool.  Not my typical type maybe, and I skipped over his profile first time until he added a new picture that showed that he had a nice smile and I decided to say hi.

We've been chatting for a week or two now and he's been patient with my not being quite ready to meet up.

We decided to meet for a short walk the other day and although it was dark by the time we were both free and freezing cold, I really enjoyed his company.

He seemed very gentle and kind if that makes sense... it makes sense to me, and I just felt comfortable around him.  As comfortable as you can around a stranger, anyway.

He asked me if I was nervous and when I said yes, he said he could tell.  He deals with a lot of people in his work and so I think he has a fairly good radar for how people are feeling.

It was kind of cool because when he said that, I consciously took some deep breaths and worked at calming myself down.

We know I'm not relaxed in these situations and I'm starting to think the "walk and talk" doesn't help that much, but... oh well, this whole thing is a work in progress, right?

But, yeah.  I enjoyed his company and am happy we met.

I messaged him that night and said thanks for meeting me and he said it had been great and that we should do it again somewhere more relaxed and warmer.

He said some other nice things to me as we were saying our goodbyes and I should probably write them down to remember them, but they were flattering, and I smiled.  It was nice.

I know I got all excited and hopeful about the last guy too and I thought that date went well so I'm trying to not get too carried away here, but... still.  I had a nice time and he seems to have too. 

I think I maybe got a little giddy yesterday and texted him to say I hope his day went well and then I felt stupid when I hadn't heard from him in a while and I'm trying not to over think but man.. it's so easy to over think, eh?

Jay texted to ask if I wanted to chat.  I said no.  He asked if he should delete me from his phone.

I felt this was pretty passive aggressive and I guess I'm kind of bummed to be seeing that side of him...still?  Again?  Oh well.  Old dog, new tricks and all that jazz.


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