Wednesday, 11 December 2013

I'm Sure Alanis Would Find It Ironic

Pals by foundimagination
I don't know if this will only be funny to those of you who have a staff kitchen.  (Or I suppose it might not be funny to anyone but me at all no matter what!)

Anyhow... our staff kitchen had really weird cutlery situations.

Like sometimes there are none of one thing (forks) and then the next morning there will be fifty.  (Seriously) And then the next week you can't find any of something else (spoons) and they're all in the dishwasher!

I try to remember to pack my own cutlery with my lunches, but I often forget and have to go through the searching of the drawers and dishwasher to find what I need.

Well yesterday, as I was unloading my own dishwasher, I took at look at my small spoons.  Teaspoons, I guess you'd call them, not the bigger soup ones. 

And you know what?  I had one spoon that went with the rest of my cutlery and the rest were random.

Which means I've been unknowingly stealing spoons from work.

But not just stealing... somehow leaving mine too.

I'm like a spoon... exchanger.

I feel like I should go in tomorrow and see if I can rescue any of mine back


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