Thursday, 26 December 2013

The Day Of Boxing

Did you have a nice Christmas?  Are you still having a nice Christmas?

Or are you maybe working and wondering why you're at work?

I remember one year when I was paying my way through my first degree when I had to work (retail) on Christmas Eve and then again first thing Boxing Day.

It didn't feel fun.

And honestly, the week of Christmas where I worked was almost all returns.  And because the customer is always right (well, was, I don't know about anymore) it didn't matter why you were returning the thing, so you didn't have to tell me that it turns out it's not your Aunt's favourite colour after all, I would refund you the money anyway.

Especially if you had a receipt.

That store, now that I'm remembering, we women had to wear nylons... pantyhose.  I don't think I've worn them since!

It was always nice to get customer commendations, those little notes that people can fill out to say you did something extra nice for them.  So, yes, those things do make a difference.

Anyway, it always frustrates me that the internet seems to shut down over holidays and also why is there no tv for the next two months?  My tv is my zone out time, people... why am I being punished?

But, that's not the point, the point is I hope you're having a nice few days and this is always kind of a weird week, eh?  Not Christmas but not New Year's...yet... sort of an in between of everything.

Um, so my brain is still in sick mode and not making sense apparently so hi! Happy Stuff!


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