Friday, 17 January 2014

Musically Speaking

Someone asked me if I was willing to do something and because it made me nervous I said "probably maybe."

And then I was sitting staring at their response email "probably maybe sounds good" and I started singing Björk. (Possibly Maybe)

Which then made me start to think about music I used to LOVE but haven't listened to in ages.

Björk...  Travis... so many great songs that aren't in my day to day rotation and I'm not sure why.

Partly it's habit.  I start listening to new stuff and want to hear it over and over again, rinse and repeat, but partly it's also that certain things maybe have more energy than I do right now, or not so much that my tastes have changed, but I'm in a place where maybe calmer music works better.

Or something.

Some things haven't changed, like Led Zeppelin is always in my shuffle and always a go to...

It was just an odd little thought, to realize I haven't listened to some songs and artists in a while, even though I love their stuff.


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