Thursday, 20 February 2014

A Few Thoughts

It's odd. 

When I hang out with Jason there are times when I want to *actually* call him Jason (which is why I gave him the name here in the end) but when I go to write about him, I really have a hard time not calling him by his real name.  It's the strangest thing.

Brains are weird that way.  Mine maybe especially?

I hung out with Jason again this weekend. (Last weekend?  Is it that far away already?)  It wasn't supposed to happen, he had family plans, but they changed at the last minute and he called me up and said hey, still want to hang?

I'll tell you the good parts here, save the rest for another day maybe, but he cooked dinner for us  (And it was super yummy) and we cuddled and it was nice.

He told me he really likes me.

He tells me all the time the really positive things about me he sees and notices.

And he makes me want to be more of what he sees.

Because even if it's only him who's seeing it, I wouldn't mind seeing it too.


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