Monday, 21 April 2014

Dream Weaver

So, a) Happy Easter and how the heck did it get to be this far into April anyway? and b) I just woke up from a really intense dream so I'm telling it to you before it fades any more than it already has.

I've had a few Burning Man dreams here and there since I got back, and a few of them have involved some of the same things.  This is yet another one that involved Burning Man having an ocean, me forgetting to pack something important, and my family.  Not sure why these three things keep coming up in my Burning Man dreams, but they do.

So, I went (in this dream) to Burning Man with my parents and my brother.  We'd rented a big RV so that we'd have air conditioning and comfort for my folks as they're older.  We'd just arrived and went for a walk down to the beach (because ocean in a desert apparently.)  We watched some of the people having fun and then I turned around and noticed the sun was about to set.  (It was the exact mountain range.) We watched it go down and I was jumping up and down with excitement and I knew my Dad was looking at me funny (I think he wanted to ask if I was sober, which I was) and then we started walking back to the RV. 

It was at this point that my brother got sort of grumpy weird and wandered off.  I made sure he didn't want company, but (in the dream) he'd been to Burning Man before so I wasn't worried about him.

As we were walking back and I was planning my evening out when I realized I had forgotten to put my bike into the RV when we were packing.

Now, again, this has been a recurring part of my Burning Man dreams but what I realized when I woke up was that really, even if I did forget everything, I'd probably manage.  So anyhow, we stopped by the bike rental shop (not a thing) and since my Dad was the only one who'd brought his wallet (cuz don't Dad's always have their wallets?) I asked if he'd mind helping by paying for my bike rental since I'd forgotten my bike and needed one for the week.

He was annoyed, because I was asking for money again (apparently earlier in the dream I'd had him buy ice or something and he was mad that I kept claiming it was commerce free but he was spending money) and I felt bad about that but I was also so giddy and happy to be there.  The only bike they had that would fit me was a pink kid's bike with a front basket and that was fine, and the lady asked me if I had a warm jacket and a fur hat and I was like, yes I have a warm jacket, but uh... only a fake fur hat but a regular toque?  And she figured that was ok and then I woke up.

It was honestly one of those "I'm actually IN this" dreams and I still wonder what my brother got up to and where he wandered off too and one of the things I remember thinking about was that I didn't want my brother or I to wake my parents up during the night (stumbling home at who knows what in the morning) and that I wished I'd thought to bring a tent for me to set up outside the RV.  For some reason I figured we either wouldn't see my brother for a couple of days or he'd come home drunk at three and wake up my parents.

I imagine had the dream gone on, I would have found something to stick outside of the RV for me to sleep on, but anyway, now I'm trying to figure out the rest of a dream which seems like a weird thing to do so yeah... that was my dream.

P.S. Spoiler alert?  There's no ocean at Burning Man


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