Friday, 11 April 2014


It's probably really good that nothing actually happens, like, literally, when I feel like my brain has exploded in some way.

Because if it actually did explode when it feels like it has?  There would be a lot of messy brain exploding messes to clean up.

One of the things that Jason has really challenged and changed me is with regards to photography.

Now, that's an entirely different post and one I haven't quite figured out how to explain but there was this moment that points out how he'll say something and my brain will explode.  A.K.A. my entire world view will shift or change in some significant way.

I've always just thought everyone thinks like me.  That everyone sees and knows and understands things the way I do.  I've always kind of felt that if I get it or see it it must be so ridiculously simple or obvious everyone must get it.

According to Jason, no.

A couple of weeks ago we were driving to my place and it was near sunset and there was this beautiful glow just hitting the tops of the pale pink cherry tree blossoms down the street.  It was beautiful.

I made some weird laser like noises that I then had to explain were not laser gun noises but rather the sound of my mind-camera, which got us into this ridiculously awesome "fight" about yes that was laser gun noise, NO IT WASN'T.  Do you want me to roll down the window and ask that guy what noise lasers make?  No!  No... ok... fine.  Maybe it was a laser camera.

And as I was smiling away at my weird noises Jason quietly turned to me and asked if I knew not everyone saw the light like that.

I think my first response was "yeah right."

But no.  He said it again.  Not everyone sees that.

I don't know if he means not everyone notices?  Or not everyone sees it, like, actually?  Or not everyone sees it "artistically", beautifully, as an image.

I don't know quite what he means by that because I do see it.  Or I assume I see it.  Or I assume I see whatever it is he thinks I'm seeing, I don't know, I'm not a philosopher. I just know that I saw how pretty the late afternoon sunlight looked glowing through the pink blossoms of the cherry trees and I figure if I see it, everyone must.

But something in the way Jason said it made me wonder if maybe the way I see is different.

If maybe my thoughts are unique.

I know there are disciplines of study that ask this very question.  I know I've always wondered if what I see and know as "green" is the same colour you call "red" but I don't know, you guys.  I just figured I'm particularly average and normal.

Not sure what to do if it turns out that thought is wrong.


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