Saturday, 12 April 2014


Vince still totters around the outskirts of my life.  Offers to come over to hang out every once in a while and I say no, not tonight.

He'll send me a text every once in a while that's a little too flirty for my liking and I'll usually just ignore it and not respond.

Sometimes when this happens he'll get upset and grumpy and last time I didn't respond to a text he got back to me with "that was supposed to be a joke?!"

And I said that I knew it was but that I just didn't know what to say back.  (He'd made a comment about how I must just hate talking to him, and that sort of passive-aggressive fishing just annoys me so I didn't respond.)

Vince, bless his heart got back to me with a text that made me laugh, but also smile and nod, because I guess he does know me maybe better than I know myself sometimes.

He said "you're never at a loss for words... You just refrain from voicing them.  Sometimes."

Yeah.  I guess that's true enough.


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