Friday, 23 May 2014

It Must Be Doable?

The reason finding a (new) grey hair is upsetting to me isn't that I'm getting older.

I mean, I'm not thrilled at the "aging" part of getting older, but getting older is what happens, and it's better than the alternative... which is being dead.  Amirite?

But, anyway, it's not the fact that I'm getting older, it's that grey hair is a proof that my body isn't doing what it's meant to do as well as it used to.  It means that my body is starting to disentegrate (although that's not the right word for it I'm sure, it works for me right now) and isn't functioning as well as it once did.

Hair follicles aren't producing what they're supposed to.  It feels like a warning of things possibly to come.

I suppose I also can see it as a reminder that it's time to start taking (even) better care of myself and my body in order to hopefully stave off some of these... things from happening.  And to hopefully be as healthy for as long as I can be.  I want to be a healthy person all my life and not have to deal with the negative physical aspects of aging.

Does that make sense?


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