Thursday, 12 June 2014

Little Tidbits

Now that I'm a bit further from the beach day (still not sure how I feel about it or about possibly going back...) I can tell you some of the fun little stories that happened.

Because the beach is not signed off, people randomly stumble across it.  You can easily tell who they are by the quick pause and turnaround when they get close enough to see. 

Then there are the people who stumble across it and kind of love it!  Like the twenty something guy who wandered around for a few minutes, massive grin on his face, before wandering off again. 

But my favourite was two people (I wasn't looking, so I don't know ages or genders, but my guess would be a kid and Mom?) who all I heard was a yell/scream/whoop followed by several courses of "STOP RUNNING!"  "STOP RUNNING!!!!"

Which made us all laugh.  I guess nakedness is crazy enough that some people will literally run away from it.

That guy really shouldn't go to Burning Man.

There was also a kind of neat thing where a gentleman came to the beach a few times and just sat there, not looking at any one, fully clothed.  I think he was most likely trying to break through some cultural barriers because it was not at all creepy, he wasn't looking, had his back to as many people as possible, but it certainly seemed like he was trying.  Everyone just let him be, which was cool to see.

The most awesome thing that I got to see though involved a dragonfly.

Later in the day, one landed on the cooler right next to my head. 

I was watching him breathe (her?) when he flew up into the air and then landed again.

With a small fly in its mouth!  Which it then chomped down on while I got to watch! 

It really was the coolest thing. I got to see a dragonfly eating right up close.

So neat.

There was also a funny moment when naked Jason was standing drying off in the water and I was a little further in trying to dry my hair and he said "if you come to me I'll kiss you."  I glanced over at him and at the level of water where I was.  "You're trying to keep your balls out of the cold water aren't you?"  And he laughed and nodded, "yup!"  So I walked in a bit and got a smooch and walked back out (I was at the perfect level where I could cover my bottom bits and have my back to most people so really I felt like only he could see my boobies) smiling.  It was pretty cute.  And understandable.


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