Tuesday, 26 August 2014

Lessons Learned

Now, just before I start jabbering away here, this photo may seem to have nothing to do with what I'm talking about but bear with me.

I'm going to talk about bikini tops, and you wear bikini tops in the sun, so I searched my photos for "sun" and this one came up and by then I'd forgotten why I was searching for sun photos and so yeah... here go you.  Here's a photo of a fire hydrant in the sun.  Yup.

Ok.  Now that that's dealt with.

Last year at Burning Man I was so overly warm I ended up wearing not much more than my bikini.  Both of the bikinis I brought had halter tops and I'd never thought this was a particularly big deal before.

But, then again, I'd never worn halter top bikini tops all day every day for a week.

It hurt.

That, added to leaning over to ride your bike everywhere and the fact that said halter top was holding up a fair bit of weight and it does that by pulling against your neck it was not teh fun.

So this year, I'm not taking any halter tops.

No, I haven't been swimsuit shopping, I'm just going to wear a bra instead.  A non halter top bra.

In theory, I have a couple of shirts I can wear without a bra, but I'll just wait and see how the heat goes and all that jazz, but for sure?  Not spending a week in halter top bikini tops because owies.

Connor says one of his favourite shots from last year is near the end of the week when we went to watch the Temple burn and I slipped my halter off of my shoulders.  He said the look on my face showed just how good it felt to get the damn thing off for a while.

Down with halter tops.

Except for pool side /lake side/beach side lounging, I suppose!