Saturday, 23 August 2014

Vague Plan (Because Actual Plans Aren't Really Worth Much On The Playa... In A Good Way)

I remember waiting in the stunningly massive line to get to the entry gate of Burning Man last year and thinking a few things.

I remember thinking I had no idea you didn't just... drive right in.  And then that I had no idea just how big this thing was.

I remember thinking it was hot.  And I didn't know what to do about that.  (We got there late afternoon so... it wasn't actually "hot"... I just didn't know that yet.  Ahem.)  I remember getting out of the van because I wanted to try to cool down and not really knowing what else to think.

I remember being sort of annoyed that Jay was already inside.

I remember wondering why so many people were pushing their cars.  And then realizing they weren't broken down, they were just saving gas.  And or other car things.  Transmission?  I dunno. 

I also remember when my co-worker's wife offered to put some sparkly makeup on me and my instinct was to say no ("Don't inconvenience/bother people" says my Ego ALL THE DAMN TIME) and then I stopped myself and said yes please and it was the best thing.  When she was done with me I felt like a) someone there wanted me to be happier than I was and b) I fit in.  I looked like I was at Burning Man.  A Burner.  Like I was ready to play!

So my brain has put these two things somewhat together.  First of all, I bought myself some sparkly makeup and some other sparkly things (like a necklace that glows, but is super delicate and pretty too, squee!) and I figured if we've got hours in the line anyway, I may as well spend some of that time putting on some pretty makeup.

It feels like it might be almost ritualistic if that makes sense.  Making the transition from not being at Burning Man to being at Burning Man...

So I might give that a try.

Or not.  I might be busy doing other things or having other conversations or who even knows what.

Hence me knowing it's only a vague plan.  More of a thought than anything.