Thursday, 11 September 2014


The other thought I had was that I should apologize photo wise.

I doubt I'll be uploading any of my Burning Man photos to this flickr account, which means I won't be accompanying any of these posts with photos from my trip.

I may be wrong, I may change my mind, but right now I'm not thinking so.

I haven't used this flickr account in ages.  I've talked a little bit about the why behind that I think, but I also have been a little disheartened with my photos of Burning Man since I got home.

The internet has been flooded with amazing photos of this year's burn.  Absolutely stunning shots.  Shots I didn't take.  Shots I'm not sure I could have taken had I been trying.  Oh, and that's a thought I should tell myself.... Self?  You weren't trying to take amazing photos.  You just wanted to document your trip.  Take it easy on yourself ok?  You were taking nice photos of your awesome trip.  Chill out and be nice to yourself.


So, anyway, I got a little upset when comparing my photos to those I've seen online and so I haven't really touched my photos.  Not even to delete.

I'll get to it I figure.  As I said, it's been a harder transition brain power and emotion-power wise and I'm just taking it slow.  No rush for anything.

I did get off the photos of the wedding vow renewal I took, and other than that I've just sat on the shots I took.  All thousand of them.

And a roll of black and white film that I'm waiting to have processed.

I think I'll like those.

So yeah, I'm sorry that my Burning Man posts probably won't have Burning Man photos to go with them. 

It is what it is, you know?


Elliott said...

Understand...I don't like my golf game when I compare it to professionals...I don't like my pics when compared to professionals...

I'm sure you have some stunning pics in your collection. It's been said before...I bet you're being too hard on yourself. But, I really do understand...guilty of that too.

I hope you will post some, but understand if you don't.

Jason Langlois said...

While I would love to see your pics from Burning Man (and hear the story behind each shot), I really get what your feeling. Comparing my shots of a particular person to other people's shots really does make me feel like I don't know what I'm doing, sometimes. It can take me a few weeks to rebuild confidence.

I also really get why you wouldn't want to use Flickr.

Victoria said...

Fair point E, and that's a good way to put it... thanks.

Rebuild confidence... GO! (I'm imagining pressing the "rebuild" button) ;)