Saturday, 13 September 2014


I hurt all over.

But, like, not in a "I'm sick" kind of way but in a "C-Dawg took me to her boot camp" kind of way.

So, yeah.  C-Dawg took me to her boot camp.  I've never done a boot camp before and am not a huge fan of group exercising type of things and plus I don't like to hurt and plus plus I don't know what else, but C-Dawg has been going for a few months and has noticed the benefits and I figured I'd give it a try.


The lady who runs it was awesome and adapted everything for me and my newness.

C-Dawg had told me that the other ladies in the group had been at it for a year or more and so not to even compare to them at all.

But still.  When I went to do the sit ups holding the bar all the other gals had held and whatever'd with and could barely lift the bar thing?  I felt a little weak.

Or maybe a lot weak.

But I was also so tired by that point that I didn't care.

And I didn't feel too bad after it and I didn't puke during it (yay!) but I'm feeling it today.

Not pain, just "I exercised" and "my abs don't want to function today" kind of sore.

I think I'll try again next week, but I felt the need to complain about it here for a minute.

Partly because I lay down earlier and had a hard time getting back up.

My abs are mad.

Or something.

Anyone want to carry me around for the rest of the day?


Army of the Frenetic said...

For the rest of the day? Of course.

*Picks up passenger. Checks watch. Reads 11:59pm. Waits. Reads 12:00am. Unceremoniously drops said passenger. Collects fee, struts away*

Victoria said...

Damn contract fine print!

Elliott said...

That is going to be me next starts on Sunday, and then Wednesday, and then Thursday. Which means by about 10:10am Sunday (around my second shift) I will be cursing the best laid plans of biking but not biking...curses.

Victoria said...


Jason Langlois said...

You must have been givin' it, if you're feeling that sore. Good work!

And was that really complaining? Cause it came across more like bragging (in a good way) - you went and did a boot camp! You didn't puke! You worked out hard enough to be sore and feel it all over! And you're going back! Sure, you're paying for it, but it sounds like it was worth it.

And I'd totally carry you around for the rest of a day. Or at least drive you around. Or, let's be realistic, probably run errands for you and bring you treats, while you lay on the couch talking about how sore you are.

Victoria said...

Errand running would have been just fine :)

I hope it's worth it... we shall see!!