Tuesday, 30 September 2014

So Different!

Oh hey! 

Did I ever tell you about the new mirrors on my car?

I don't think I did!

So a few years ago, after my parents were in a car accident, my Dad took a refresher driving class.  A great idea and one I think wouldn't be such a bad thing for me to do one of these days either.

Anyway, the fellow told my Dad he should get some "blind spot" mirrors and my Dad did and raved about what a difference it made to his vision when driving.

I kind of smiled and nodded but didn't go out of my way to do anything about getting some for me, but a while ago Jason brought it up too.  He really strongly recommended I get some and said he didn't know why everyone didn't have them and so one day when we were in Canadian Tire for something else, I picked up some of the little mirrors for myself.

Jason put them on for me and then had me sit in the car while he stood in my blind spots so I could see how well they worked.

At first it was awkward.  It felt like there was something in the way of me looking in my mirror but I pretty quickly got used to them.  And once I got used to them I had a hard time knowing how I'd ever driven without them.

You guys, these things are brilliant.  They go in the outer corner of your rear view mirror and allow you to see things that would otherwise be in your blind spot.  You can still shoulder check your blind spot but you already know there's nothing there because you can see it in the mini mirror.

I actually found out that they can help when you can't see out of your rear view at all when I was transporting my bike to Jason's for him to fix up before Burning Man.  Without them I would have been really uncomfortable on the drive, but with them, I felt like I could see who was behind me with some careful looking.

I really really like them you guys and I'm surprised they're not somehow standard or something.

So yeah, think about getting yourself some blind spot mirrors.  Be aware that it'll seem weird at first, but once you're used to them being there, it's awesome.  I feel like I'm driving better... if that even makes sense, but maybe it's because I'm that much more aware of what's around me...or not.


Jason Langlois said...

They seem to be standard on a lot of new cars now. They are pretty handy, if initially confusing.

Elliott said...

Not sure why they are not standard equipment. They are low cost and improve the safety for everyone.

We just bought a 2015 (that time warp thing you talked about) and are waiting delivery. They salesguy said that in the near future, 2016 or 2017, back up cameras will be standard. I think that more collisions/injuries occur because of blind spot issues than backing up issues. Although the camera does make parking easier...

Victoria said...

Yes! Initially confusing, but then like...oooh ;)

Time warp, Elliott! (Yay for your new car, enjoy!) But, yeah, I don't really get the whole backup camera thing. Like... aren't we just... supposed to look behind us? *confused*

Elliott said...

I agree...turn your head around. Admittedly if you drive an Avalanche the camera is handy cuz it is hard to see around the bed of the truck.

Victoria said...

Fair enough