Saturday, 11 October 2014

An Accidental Playa Gift, I Hope

I didn't write this one down, but it keeps popping into my head, so I'm writing about it here anyway.

I lost something on the playa.

A scarf.

I'd brought it, one of those light sort of summery scarves to keep in my backpack in case of chill, or to use as an extra layer of sun-screening.

It was pink.  With skulls.  But you didn't know they were sculls unless you looked really closely.  Which is what I liked about it.  Made me feel like it was representing me somehow.  Tough, but not at first glance.  Sort of secretly a whole lot more than what I look like on the surface.

It wasn't until I got home and fully unpacked that I realized my suspicion was right.  I'd noticed mid way through the week that I couldn't find the scarf and I was kind of sad, but I hoped that it had just gotten stuffed somewhere and I'd find it once home.

No such luck.

Things get dropped accidentally on the playa all the time.  It's referred to as MOOP.  Matter out of place.  When you see it, you pick it up, take it back to camp and carry it out with the rest of your garbage because Leave no Trace is one of the ten principles of Burning Man, so you pick up what other people didn't know they dropped.  (And a team stays behind for the month after Burning Man to pick up the tiny things... and large things... we missed, so that we pass the land management inspection and are allowed back next year... PS.  We passed!)

Most MOOP is accidental (a bungee cord that breaks, or a button that falls off) some is not (I get really upset and angry picking up cigarette butts... but that's a rant I won't get into today).  I felt horrible when I realized that I'd lost my scarf because it means I'd MOOPed it somewhere on the Playa :(

My hope is that someone found it.  And that the person who found it loves it and it somehow suits them just as perfectly as it suited me.  Sometimes that happens, leading to the Burning Man saying "the Playa provides."

Like how Jason told me I should pick up a bike repair kit of... um... allan keys maybe? And one day I stopped my bike to pick up some MOOP and it turned out to be a set of allan keys.  Because the Playa provides.

But it makes me a little sad not to have my scarf.

When I go to put on a scarf on the colder mornings we've had, I see my pink skull scarf not there.

I wanted to bring it home and wear it and to remember that it had been to Burning Man with me.... but... I don't have it anymore.

I miss it.

So I keep just telling myself that someone picked it up, and someone thinks it's awesome, and someone is very happily wearing it right now, smiling at the thought that this is the scarf they found at Burning Man.

I just wish I could know who they are.


Jason Langlois said...

Your typo (sculls) made me wonder what was bad-ass about rowing, but then I clued in.

The MOOP thing ... I love that. That you're supposed to be constantly cleaning up the space is a pretty cool idea.

On the other hand, I think its very likely from your description that your scarf has ended up in the hands of someone cool and amazing, who probably is writing on their blog (or telling their friends) about the amazing scarf they found. And likely also thinking about its previous owner, and how sad they must be.

On the other hand, allan keys are pretty handy if you ever need to assemble IKEA furniture, so there's that.

Victoria said...

Yes, cute little rowing boats! (Thanks, I changed the typo, brain's pretty tired I guess) ;)

And yes, I do hope someone's happily wearing it! And... bring on the IKEA furniture!

Elliott said...

I know exactly what you mean...I like things with special meanings or inside jokes when you see them up close. A friend of mine has a similar don't see the skulls until you are up close.

I have a pair of Loudmouth Golf shorts called Shiver Me Timbers...looking them up on-line...similar to your scarf, but a bit more obvious. I love them. I may also have the same no, I don't wear them together.

I'm sorry you lost something so special to you. I hope whoever has it appreciates it as you did.

Victoria said...

ZOMG WANT!!!! those are awesome E!

Elliott said...

They come in women sizes...

I love the Loudmouth golf stuff. I have four pairs of shorts (including Lair, Lair) and my wife has 3 pairs of shorts and 2 skorts. They're so much fun.

Victoria said...