Tuesday, 7 October 2014

Um, Ok, Brain

Sorry again about yesterday.

I put myself to bed early last night and felt much better this morning.  Whew.

But get this...  I also woke up remembering a song from a musical.

I was "watching it" as if I was watching the movie version of the musical and singing along to the song because I knew it.

I was pretty determined to find the song because I knew Bebe Neuwirth had played the role in the revival and I wanted to see her performance again.  The song was "I am not an alcoholic" and I could ALMOST remember the musical it was from.

So... I could see Bebe in the role, having the memory of watching her sing it (think Tony performance or something) and I was able to sing along with the intro to the song and know how it fit into the plot of the musical.


It doesn't exist.

There, apparently, is no song set in a musical in around the 50s where one of the main (not lead, but one of those supporting type characters who are often more fun than the main character... think "Guys and Dolls") characters has to prove she does not have a drinking problem by singing the song "IIIIIIIIIII, am NOT an alcoholic!"

But there should be, because it's a great song!

Brains are weird, eh?


Jason Langlois said...

I'm not sure why you're apologizing. It's your blog. And we keep reading it (or at least, I do). So please, keep speaking your mind and feelings and whine all you want.

And that also sounds totally like something Bebe Neuwirth would be in, and I'd love to see.

Victoria said...

It was a great musical and that was probably the best song from it! ;)