Friday, 28 November 2014


I had a bit of a frustrating Saturday last weekend.

Rather, a frustrating evening on Saturday.

I'd upgraded to Apple's latest OS, Yosemite mid week on both my phone and my computer.  (I'd waited a bit to see if they'd get any bugs out)  Things seemed to be fine but for some reason I can't remember anymore my phone asked for me to sign in with my passwords Saturday night.

Which.. I couldn't remember.  So I reset my apple passwords.

And then things got frustrating.

I couldn't text/imessage people.  C-Dawg messaged me...and my phone wasn't showing up for her, just my email and imessage, but I was using my phone to text/message her.


I'd also watched a documentary that had me disturbed (as good documentaries will do I suppose) and dealing with not awesomely functional technology on top of that was not fun.

I shut everything down again Sunday morning and did some fixes I found online and... well, jury's still out.  C-Dawg and my phone still aren't quite communicating but we've had on and off problems for years that way... I don't currently really trust that my messages/texts are getting through to anyone unless I hear back from them so that's not awesome but... that's kind of how technology seems to me...

If it's working perfectly it's great.  Any glitches or issues?  It's a mess.

I wonder if the telegraph machine had issues... smoke signals?  Carrier pigeons?  Pony express?

Le sigh.


Jason Langlois said...

Telegraph had problems with broken lines and poles being taken down. Bird communications had problems with people shooting the birds. Pony Express would have trouble with natural obstacles, horse health, and (at least in the mythology) native attacks.

iMessage is very unfriendly sometimes. I have a friend who normally uses Android phones, but for a couple weeks had to borrow an iPhone. Now that they're back on their Android, my iPhone continually tries to iMessage them, so they don't see any of my texts or replies until I notice and fix it.


On the bright side, it's FRIDAY!

Army of the Frenetic said...

Ha, just wait until they get wireless electricity up and running!

What was the documentary that disturbed you, if you don't mind sharing?

Victoria said...

IT'S FRIDAY!!!!! And that's the happy story I'm sticking with Jason ;)

AotF "Jesus Camp"... bah.

Jonathan said...

I've pretty much given up on most instant messaging things because they never work reliably. I just write a few words each day in the blog, and move on...

Victoria said...

Fair enough!