Saturday, 29 November 2014


You know how sometimes an itch doesn't itch until you notice it and then you wonder how you ever missed it? 

So, last month my building manager person let me know that the plumbers were coming in to take a look at my radiators as the new tenants below me were hearing ticking. She asked if I heard ticking and I said no.

They've been in a few times, once turning on my bedroom radiator that I never use and that night my bedroom radiator made dripping noises.

I told her and they came and looked but here's the thing.

Now I hear what I've always thought was just the drains of the building (gutters, etc) and, well I'm realizing it's our heating system.

I didn't know I was hearing it... and now I do!

It hasn't bothered me before so I doubt it'll bother me now, but it's just odd to be realizing what I thought was one thing is actually something completely different.

Which makes me think of Monty Python.

And now for something completely different...


Elliott said...

Giggling. Now I'm thinking of the Department of Silly Walks...and have an urge to have a wafer thin mint...

Victoria said...

Perfect :)