Thursday, 13 November 2014

No Night Night

Speaking of poetry and writing, I've found that a lot of times my brain starts to write (it just does that sometimes, starts writing in my head) at times that aren't actually conducive to writing.

Most commonly?  When I'm in bed, reading a book, about to go to sleep.

In fact, that's when this blog was started (back in the 1800s).  Me, lying in bed, reading, about to go to sleep.

I've lost a lot of writing by lying there, saying it over and over in my head and convincing myself I'll still remember it in the morning.


Sometimes I'll force myself to get up and get the computer and type it out, but other times I know that that's going to make it another hour or two before I do sleep and on the days where I have to work in the morning... well, sometimes sleep is a very valuable commodity.

I do have a pen and paper in my drawer next to my bed but I write slower than I type and so sometimes things even get lost that way.  (My brain seems to have converted to typing for writing... and it's weird that someone just showed me "dictation" for text messaging... it doesn't seem easier to me...yet?)

I've also lost a few poems while walking or something.  Again, those moments when I tell myself I'll remember it and then get distracted by something and get home just in time to remember I've forgotten something.

It'll even happen when I'm blogging.

I'll have an idea for a post, go find a photo to match with the post and by the time I've set up the photo the post is gone.

And sometimes when I have the time to sit down and write, there's nothing there that wants to come out.

I know a lot of writers say that they have scheduled writing time no matter what.  I don't have that daily, but I do have a habit of sitting down to write for an extended period of time on days off (weekends usually, or the occasional holiday) and so I do have that time period.  Except for the moments when I try that and nothing's there to be said.

Writing's a funny thing.  Takes no time at all to read what has taken a lot of time to write.

And for me, the things I write that seem to connect most to people are the things I've written when I'm very much being open in how I'm feeling, and that's not always an easy thing to do.

Ah well.  The sun is shining, Fall is here, and it's Wednesday.

Plus, I'm not trying to sleep as I'm writing this, so it's all good!


Army of the Frenetic said...


I'm finding myself falling into a pattern where I can only write at 10.5pm to 12am. When the city outside the windows is quiet, still, and dark.

But no other time.

So I end up waking up angry because I've re-read what I've wrote and wondering how this ever could have made any sense just a few hours ago.

Victoria said...

*shakes fist at zzzzzzzzz*