Friday, 14 November 2014


I am not a fan of scented things.

Products, I should say.... or people, really.

Like, I can't handle it if a woman is wearing perfume.  Not a fan of a guy with a lot of cologne either, although it's somewhat easier to handle than perfume.

But scented household products?  Not my thing.

Like, my laundry detergent?  Has to be unscented. Why would I want my laundry to smell like something?  I'm washing it.

Scents just smell overwhelming to me.  And annoying.

I bought some Swiffer refills the other day, opened up the box and WHIFF.  I hadn't noticed I'd accidentally picked up a box of something or other orange scented Swiffer things.  WHY?  I JUST WANT MY FLOOR TO BE CLEAN!  CLEAN DOESN'T HAVE A SMELL!

Now, that's not to say I like everything to be unscented.

I discovered this when my brother told me about an unscented shampoo and conditioner he loves.  He got me a mini bottle of each and... it's weird.

I can't get over my shampoo not having a nice, mild, fruity scent to it.  (I don't like the brand name stinky ones, but go for more natural ones, or AG or other "salon" type ones.)  I don't mind a bit of a smell to my hair products because I expect it.  And they're not overwhelming to me, probably because I choose the scent.  (I did have a counsellor once who was extremely scent sensitive and some shampoos she just couldn't be around the person for the session.)

So yeah... I don't like household products with scent.  It weirds me out and my nose doesn't like it.  It annoys me.  Because now I just smell chemical smells... I just want my laundry and my bathroom to be clean.  Not "seabreeze" scentedly clean.


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