Thursday, 6 November 2014

So, Yeah

So I was on my way home from Boot Camp last night (because yeah, still going, still coping, moved up a set of hand weights) and I had this whole awesome post half written in my head and it was pretty amusing and then by the time I got home (because I have to drive home from C-Dawg's house as she drives us out to the place) it was utterly gone from my mind.

So you, my dears, get this fantastic post instead! YEAH!

Um... Mom said the bites are just bites and didn't seem worried, but did tell me I HAVE to get my flu shot.  (I've been debating not getting it this year as I had it last year and still got mega sick and she said that I would have gotten even sicker so flu shot, blah)

I promised myself I wouldn't whine to you guys about the time change this year but man oh man is it ever dark.  I do get bummed about the fact that I have short, dark days to face for a while now.

Oh, I pulled something at Boot Camp last night.  Am hoping it was just a minor thing and doesn't turn into anything more but yeah...

Ok.  Not the post I'd intended but a post nonetheless.

Have a good day y'all!


Jason Langlois said...

I'm so with you on this time change thing. Having it be dark pretty much by the time I get home from work suuuuuuucks. Well, maybe what sucks is being stuck inside working for the few hours its light out. I haven't completely worked out the details on that.

And hey, it was good post. Aside from hearing you might have pulled something at Boot Camp. Take care of that before it does turn into something more.

Elliott said...

Wow...we just y'all'ed by a Canadian! That doesn't happend often.

The North American head office of our company is in southern US, so we Canadians play y'all bingo...we'll have to include a free box for Canadian y'alls...they're so rare. LOL.

Hope the pull is minor and heals quickly.

Victoria said...

BOOOOOO to the dark Jason, booo!

And Elliott, the only reason I y'all is that I visited Texas a few times and found "y'all" so charming. I don't say it much in my day to day but I like to type it. Makes me happy :)

Saw a massage guy today, he said to take it easy on the hamstring and it should be "ok" for next week. So, easy I will take it. But, not like... stop moving easy, just... easy ;)

Elliott said...

Glad it makes you happy...type away!

I'm in North Carolina this week and went for lunch at a diner. I was y'alled at more in that 45 minutes than I have been in a year. Makes me smile everytime.

Victoria said...

Yay! :) Y'all have a good trip now!