Monday, 15 December 2014

Knocking On Wood And Such Sorts Of Things

This time last year I was so so sick.

I'm kind of almost obsessively thinking about it because at work right now (don't talk about work!) people are dropping like flies with a cold that's just brutal.  And so far?  Knock on wood and all other luck producing type things?  I'm ok.

I was really scared of getting that sick again this year... I even debated back and forth about getting or not getting the flu shot because I got it last year and got so sick anyway... but... flu shot was had, and I've been trying my best to rest and get good sleeps and wash my hands and I don't know, I really don't want to get sick.

We all have some days off coming soon what with you know what being not too many actual days away and I'm somehow hoping that that'll be an end to the sick-spreading that's going on but I also feel like I'm past my "uh oh" days from last year so that somehow magically means I'm going to be ok?

I don't know... I just really don't want to get sick like I did a year ago.  I feel like it took my lungs half a year to recover from that.

C-Dawg's got whatever it is and so we haven't been to boot camp in a few weeks, which is maybe ok as it gives me time to make sure my leg injuries are well rested, but hopefully it won't be too brutal when we go back in the New Year.

So here's to being (so far) healthier than last year and the days very soon starting to get longer again.


Jason Langlois said...

Don't get sick!

Also, when is boot camp ever not "too brutal"? I thought if it started to get easy, they just amped things up?

You won't get sick this year, though. You're gonna be fine. I'll buy you a tea if you get sick, that's how sure I am. And not a cheap tea, either.

Elliott said...

I hear you...I was so sick last year at this time. I had a sinus infection and chest infection that took 24 days of antibiotics to finally get over.

I've been doing everything possible to avoid sick people. Traveling by air this time does not help. Knock on wood, I've avoided everything so far. Hope we both avoid it this year.

Victoria said...

You've made an excellent point about boot camp, Jason! They just... make it harder!!! And thanks, hopefully I won't need an expensive tea ;)

I like that plan E!

Jason Langlois said...

Just following up ... do I owe you an expensive tea, or did the sickness bug pass you by?

Victoria said...

It's.... hovering... waiting... waiting to get me!!!!!