Tuesday, 16 December 2014


"Tuesday" sounds weird when you say it a few times.  Tyuusday.... Tchyousday...Chooseday...


Random weekend roundup: 

I had another Burning Man but not Burning Man dream that involved forests and the ocean, so really it was probably just a lot of fun people camping but my dream said it was Burning Man and my campmates and I (who ended up being co-workers and bosses, go figure) decided to go into the water to keep warm from the rain and my flip cell phone's alarm kept going off.  Yeah.  Ok.

There was some beautiful Sunshine Sunday.  That was super nice.

I bought a steak that was on sale and so extra giant huge and had lotsa steak this weekend.  With baby potatoes.  Nom, nom, nom.

I've also come to really enjoy "holiday" peanut M&Ms for their boost of chocolate and hey, let's even pretend they're healthy.  Ha.  But why bother calling them holiday when really red and green are, let's just be honest, associated with Christmas?  So who are we trying not to offend?  Not that I mind, I just sometimes try to get in the heads of the marketing people.

One of my nails is right on the edge of breaking badly.  (Heh... tv show about my nails, awesome) and it's the middle nail of my right hand so it's getting used a lot because I keep forgetting it's in rough shape.

I... didn't actually mail Christmas cards this year.  I've wanted to stop for the last few years but I think I might feel badly if I get many cards.  So far only one so I'm not too bothered but... we shall see.  It's... odd not to participate in that little ritual.

I had a Christmas related sobbing breakdown cry this weekend.  I'm hopeful that that's the only one I have to deal with this year but I'm not holding my breath.

I messaged a guy on the dating site because he had photos of him at Burning Man and then I noticed that he lives in the States so I'm kind of mad at myself for that.  Did I get my hopes up that he'd be my future best boyfriend?  Maybe.  Did I really want to start dating someone new?  No.  Am I still hoping things will work out eventually, somehow with Jason and I?  Yes.  Do I randomly find myself missing Jay right now too?  Yes.  Is it perhaps potentially partly the time of year and long dark evenings?  Maybe.

I still think weekends should be longer.  Like why not work two, weekend for five?  Sigh.


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Elliott said...

Sorry you're having tough of go of it now. I hope it gets better for you and that you get some time off from work over Christmas.

Victoria said...

Yes, time off coming soon. I may book off more than originally intended ;)