Tuesday, 2 December 2014

Shiver Me Timbers

It snowed this weekend.

Not a lot.  Just a tiny dusting that was enough to make me go OOOOOH and to freeze over and make the roads and sidewalks skating rinks Saturday morning.

The rest of the weekend was sunny and super cold and I resorted to blankets and hot water bottles when my radiators decided they were struggling too hard and took a mini vacation.

Had my first candy cane of the season too.  There's a store nearby that sells Allan candy canes in singles and I bought one and it's yummy.  Some candy canes are better than others, you know, and so I'm noting the name of these yummy ones for future reference.  Amen.

I also had a fantastic sleep Saturday night.  It was COLD and so I'd kept my bedroom window shut all day.  I got into bed and had fresh sheets (bliss) and two warm blankets over my comforter.  I also threw my deliciously cozy dressing gown over top of it all and, well, I was almost... too warm.  So, I opened one window a crack and freezing cold fresh air blew over onto me.  And that is how I have my best sleeps, I swear.  Freezing cold face and toasty warm body.

I had some delicious moments in the morning of rolling over and making new cozy pockets of warmth, but yes, I do love sleeping warmly in a cold room.  Brrrr....!

I feel like I would take these sunny cold days all winter, I don't mind them and the sunshine is lovely.


Elliott said...

Much rather sleep in a cool (cold) room than too hot.

Victoria said...